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This article will talk about engineering recruitment websites and the knowledge points corresponding to software engineering recruitment websites. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Which website do transportation professional supervision engineers go to find a job? 2. What platform is reliable for construction employees to recruit? 3. Which construction machinery recruitment website is better? Which website does transportation professional supervision engineer go to find a job? 1. It is very easy to find a job on an engineering recruitment website. You can go to various professional websites, such as "China Engineering Supervision Talent Network" and "Supervision Talent Network". You can also take a look at the various building complexes. Messages are often sent inside, so you can pay more attention. There are also many construction companies and supervision companies in the city where they are in need of engineering recruitment websites, so you can ask carefully. 2. Beginning in 2010, supervision engineers are divided into three professional directions, namely civil construction engineering, transportation engineering, and water conservancy engineering. 3. Because there is a huge shortage of registered supervisory engineers, the application conditions will be relaxed in 2019. One of the engineering recruitment websites: have a bachelor’s degree or degree in engineering management, civil engineering, transportation, and water conservancy majors, and have been engaged in engineering supervision for 4 years Year. 4. The Ministry of Transport will organize a transitional examination for supervisory engineers of national road and water transportation projects from November 20 to 22, 2009. The exam is registered online. 5. For example, construct different types of hydraulic structures such as dams, dikes, spillways, sluices, channels, water crossings, rafts, fishways, etc. Which major is better to apply for a supervisory engineer? Judging from the demand for various professional certificates of supervisory engineers, the order from most to least is engineering recruitment websites: Civil Engineering > Engineering Recruitment Websites; Transportation Engineering Water Conservancy Engineering. What is the reliable platform for recruiting construction workers? 1. I just recruited some workers for my unit a few days ago, and they were all recruited on the Wangzhu Kaodezhu applet. 2. Jigongjia: Publish construction recruitment, construction talents, construction site recruitment, construction site recruitment, construction team and other engineering information every day to facilitate construction workers to find jobs and projects, and to find excellent construction workers and construction workers for construction labor service companies. Talents, construction teams, construction teams. 3. It must be Wangzhu relying on morality. My friend's company just recruited a group of people here a few days ago. They are skilled in technology and have a good sense of safety. The employment process is relatively smooth. Which construction machinery recruitment website is better? A glance at Construction Machinery Talent Network is an online human resource based on providing recruitment, job hunting, training and related consultants for construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, construction machinery parts enterprises, construction machinery agency enterprises and other enterprises. Resource integrated solution provider. As far as I know, there are Construction Machinery Talent Network and China Machinery Talent Network. These two are quite good in this respect. Many large enterprises recruit people on this, and I heard that the effect is also very good. Licensed: Baidu Liepin, 58 Construction Network is better Full-time: the above comprehensive website, Baidu Liepin, 360 Construction Network In terms of website style: 58 Construction Network, 360 Construction Network, Ant Construction Network, Construction Talent Network It is full of advertisements, and Baidu Liepin basically has no advertisements, and the page is simple. Construction machinery network in China, I know a website called construction machinery China network, the news and industry information in this construction machinery network is very comprehensive, there are also second-hand and leasing information on construction machinery, and there is also a forum, which should be regarded as engineering One of the mechanical portals was made. As a part-time job information service platform, Yupao mainly provides workers and enterprises with digital employment services in engineering construction, logistics, decoration, factories and other fields. There are many types of jobs on the platform, and the service network covers most cities across the country. Recruitment and job hunting are not restricted by regions and types of jobs. This is the end of the introduction to the engineering recruitment website. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. 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Engineering Recruitment Website➬Software Engineering Recruitment Website


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