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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of cinnamon pictures, and I will also explain the pictures of star anise and cinnamon. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, start now Bar! List of catalogs in this article: 1. What color is the cinnamon bark into powder? 2. What is the name of this branch-like Chinese medicinal material in the picture? 3. What does the cinnamon bark tree look like? 4. Which piece is cinnamon? 5. What is the color of cinnamon bark powder? Cinnamon bark powder is made from ground cinnamon bark. It usually has a light yellow or light brown color and emits a fragrance. Like cinnamon, it is mainly used for As a food seasoning. Bright reddish brown. The color of cinnamon bark will be brighter after being dyed with sulfur. Sulfur has the effect of bleaching and enhancing luster, so it is bright reddish brown, which is more vivid. Sulfur, also known as sulfur, is a non-metal elemental substance with the chemical formula S. It is a light yellow brittle crystal or powder with a special odor and is insoluble in water. It is a bit more flesh-colored, and the cinnamon powder will not be too matte, giving people a small and fresh feeling, and the complexion is fairer. Pink, usually refers to pink. This color is very versatile and many flowers appear pink in nature. In life, pink also represents cuteness, warmth, tenderness, youth, brightness, love, and cuteness. Cinnamon powder, commonly known as cinnamon powder. Cinnamon, the main raw material of cinnamon powder, grows in Ceylon and India and belongs to the Lauraceae plant. The above spices are prepared according to the ratio and can be ground into powder. Note: This spice powder is the core recipe of red oil. Spices needed: 8g star anise, 5g cinnamon, 8g bay leaf, 8g fennel, 5g xiangguo, 8g grass fruit, 5g clove, 8g kaempferen, 10g comfrey. Cinnamon powder, also known as cinnamon powder, is a powder-shaped spice made from the dry bark and branch bark of cinnamon and Daye Qinghuagui, called cinnamon powder. Cinnamon powder has a refreshing aroma, which can give people a sweet and mild feeling, so it is a spice that countless people can't put it down. What is the name of this branch-like Chinese medicinal material in the picture? 1. Codonopsis pilosula (scientific name; Codonopsis pilosula) is an oval or sub-circular thick slice, with a yellow-brown or gray-yellow surface and yellow-white or yellow-brown cut surface. Fissure or chrysanthemum pattern, with a light yellow center in the center. Periphery pale yellowish white to yellowish brown, with longitudinal wrinkles. It has a special aroma and slightly sweet taste. 2. That's called cinnamon. In addition to cinnamon, ginger, garlic, dried shallots, spring onions, sugar, soy sauce and other seasonings are also used to make dog meat. In addition, when cooking dog meat, you must first dry-fry the meat until the water is dry and slightly charred, and then wash it with clean water, so as to remove the meaty smell. 3. Guizhi is the dry twig of Cinnamon lauraceae, which is generally harvested in spring and summer. After removing the leaves, it can be directly dried or sliced and dried. It is a kind of Chinese medicinal material. It is not included in the names of 68 spices and seasonings in "Names of Spices and Condiments" (GB/T 12721-2008). 4. There are many Chinese medicinal materials like bark, and cinnamon is one of them. Cinnamon is mainly obtained from the bark of the cinnamon tree, which is processed into cooking materials and medicinal materials. It has good medicinal value and edible value. Eating cinnamon for a long time can improve the body's immunity, but you should pay attention to its dosage every time you use it. 5. Patriarch hemp. Daphneaceae. Medicinal skin. Treatment of rheumatic bone pain, bruises. There is a saying: There is a patriarch Ma in the family, and he is not afraid of being beaten and crawling underground. 6. Ball orchid [alias]: iron plus cup, golden snowball, ox tongue yellow, stone wall plum, gold silk leaf, hydrangea leaf, big stone fairy peach, rock climbing board, straw shoe board, jade stacked plum, jade butterfly plum, wall plum, ancient plum , Hydrangea dragon, thick leaf vine, dadou vine, snow plum, pneumonia grass. Heat-clearing and toxic substances removing, expelling wind and dampness. What does the cinnamon tree look like? 1. Detailed explanation of the cinnamon picture: If the cinnamon picture: understand the "cinnamon" as the bark of the "cinnamon tree"; understand the "cinnamon branch" as the branch of the "osmanthus tree"; understand the "osmanthus flower" It is the flower of "laurel tree". These understandings are wrong. In fact, "cinnamon", "cinnamon sticks" and "osmanthus flowers" are three different plants. 2. Cassia bark tree generally refers to wild yellow osmanthus, which is a small tree with a height of less than 6 meters; the bark is taupe and has the aroma of cinnamon bark. The bark is sweet, spicy and fragrant. In Qianyang, Hunan, the bark is used as cinnamon bark for medicine, which has the same effect as cinnamon bark. Some people also put the bark in wine as a spice; the flowering period is from April to June, and the fruiting period is from July to August. . 3. Straight through the lower side branches about 1.5 cm thick, 15 cm away from the trunk of the tree, peel the skin 2 cm long with a knife ring, make the incision neatly, do not damage the xylem, mix well with yellow mud and bone meal, about 70% water content, apply After girdling, wrap it with plastic film and tie both ends tightly. 4. Pruning and pruning: In order to make the cinnamon bark bark look thick and straight, pruning should be carried out twice a year, and the branches and unnecessary sprouts close to the ground should be cut off. After the forest is formed, pruning pest branches, weak branches, and too dense branches are convenient for ventilation and light transmission, and promote plant growth and the production of root white edge filling solution. May I ask which one is cinnamon? Cinnamon is a plant-based traditional Chinese medicine. It belongs to the iron sheet on the cinnamon tree. After being manually scraped and dried, cinnamon can be divided into thickness and thickness due to the difficulty of artificial force. Generally, it can be divided into reddish brown and pinkish brown. Thicker cinnamon is more effective. Well, it can be used as medicine or food. The imported alpine cinnamon has a delicate outer surface and a fine and smooth inner surface. The skin is thick and the body is heavy, the cross-section is light yellow, and the lines are not obvious. It contains high volatile oil, strong aroma, strong sweetness and light spicy taste. Imported low-mountain cinnamon has a rough outer surface and a slightly rougher inner skin. The skin is thin and the body is lighter, with light yellow lines on the cross-section. Cinnamon and cinnamon are different, the two are related to each other, and cinnamon is a kind of cinnamon. The difference between the two is as follows: In appearance: cinnamon is mainly cylindrical or irregular pieces, slightly thicker than cinnamon, and is taupe; cinnamon is irregular pieces, thinner, mostly tan. Hello! One: What is cinnamon: Cinnamon belongs to the evergreen tree of the family Lauraceae. Also known as Yugui and Mugui. The bark, twigs (Cinnamon Twigs), flower buds, and fruits are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly produced in Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Fujian and other places in China. It is also distributed in other parts of tropical Asia. Cinnamon, also known as cinnamon or cinnamon, is a general term that includes Tianzhugui, cinnamon, Yinxiang and Chuangui. The cinnamon that is often said in life is mainly produced in China, and the cinnamon mainly refers to the Ceylon cinnamon produced in Sri Lanka. Cinnamon cinnamon bark picture, scientific name cinnamon bark picture: Chai cinnamon bark picture, also known as cinnamon bark picture: cinnamon cinnamon bark picture, is the bark of Lauraceae, camphor plants such as Tianzhugui, Yinxiang, fine-leaved cinnamon or Sichuan osmanthus common name. The leaves of the cinnamon tree can be used as seasoning. Cinnamon leaves are the leaves of lauraceae cinnamon. It is a natural spice and a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It contains a lot of aromatic substances and some alcohol components. People can harvest its leaves together when harvesting cinnamon in autumn. It can be used fresh or dried after harvesting. Cinnamon bark, scientific name: Chaigui, also known as: cinnamon, official laurel or cinnamon, is a general name for the bark of lauraceae, camphor plants such as Tianzhugui, Yinxiang, fine-leaved cinnamon, cinnamon or Sichuan osmanthus. This product is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, but also a food spice or cooking seasoning. The original plants of commercial cinnamon bark are more complicated, and there are about ten species, all of which are plants of the genus Lauraceae. Detailed explanation: if: understand "cinnamon bark" as the bark of "osmanthus tree"; understand "osmanthus twig" as the branch of "osmanthus tree"; These understandings are wrong. In fact, "cinnamon bark", "osmanthus twigs" and "osmanthus fragrans" are three different plants. This is the end of the introduction to the pictures of cinnamon bark and star anise cinnamon bark. 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Cinnamon pictures➣star anise and cinnamon pictures


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