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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Hafei Stock Bar, which will also explain Hafei Co., Ltd. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to follow this page Stand up, let's start now! List of contents in this article: 1. Who are the listed companies that build aircraft carriers? 2. What are the concept stocks of supersonic weapons? 3. What are the concept stocks of large aircraft? What are the listed companies that build aircraft carriers? Chain (601890): The world's largest supplier of anchor chains and mooring chains, has many scientific research achievements and independent core technologies in the manufacture of anchor chains and mooring chains. 2. There are a total of 32 listed companies for aircraft carrier concepts, of which 21 are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the other 11 are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. 3. CSSC Jiangnan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 3, 1997. 4. After China Shipbuilding (600150) Company completed the private placement to acquire 100% equity of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, 100% equity of Chengxi Shipbuilding and 54% equity of Yuanhang Wenchong held by the parent company CSSC Group and other institutions, the newly listed company in the original On the basis of some marine engine businesses, it initially has a complete shipbuilding industry chain of manufacturing, repairing and matching. 5. China Heavy Industry. According to the query, China Heavy Industry is the largest listed company in China for marine defense equipment, and its products include aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines, and conventional-powered submarines. What are the concept stocks of supersonic weapons 1. Grand blasting: The company has a missile product HD-1. Xinghua Co., Ltd.: the company's products can be used for missile propellants; Guangdong Ganhua: the main business is supporting the missile rocket industry chain. 2. The listed companies of laser weapon concept stocks are as follows: Huagong Technology (000988), Han’s Laser (002008), Lida Optoelectronics (002189), Fujing Technology (002222); Robotics (300024), Daheng Technology (600288), Shenzhen Huaqiang (000062), Jade Bird Huaguang (600076); New Nanyang (600661), Golden Laser (300220). 3. Analysis of leading military concept stocks Aerospace Changfeng (600855): military products are military computers, etc., accounting for 25%. Civilian products are medical machinery, machine tools, etc., and are currently injecting security products. The Second Aerospace Academy focuses on strategic missiles. Civilian products include information products, numerical control systems, special devices, etc. 4. Military stocks include China Heavy Industry, AVIC Machinery & Electronics, China Jialing, CITIC Haizhi, Zhongzhi and so on. 5. UAV concept stocks in the A-share market include: Aerospace Communications, Hongdu Aviation, North Navigation, AVIC Electromechanical, and Sunward Intelligent. Aerospace Communications Aerospace Communications Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (SH: 600677), business scope: maintenance and parking of aircraft components (limited to subordinate branches with valid licenses). 6. There are many concept stocks with military theme, such as aerospace electronics, AVIC dynamic control, Hongdu aviation and so on. Large aircraft concept stocks, what are the large aircraft concept stocks? 1. Large aircraft generally refer to transport aircraft with a total take-off weight of more than 1 ton. It includes large military transport aircraft and civilian large transport aircraft, as well as military or civilian airliners with a voyage of 3 kilometers or more than 1 seat. 2. Hello, as far as I know, leading large aircraft stocks mainly include Linzhou Heavy Machinery (002535) and Aerospace Changfeng (600855). Hope to adopt it. 3. As far as I know, the current manufacturing level of my country's large aircraft has improved several levels, especially the export speed of regional aircraft, high-temperature alloys, braking systems, photoelectric devices, etc., and the leading stocks of large aircraft concept stocks include Aerospace Changfeng, Germany Weixin Materials, Wanwei High-tech. 4. Large aircraft concept stocks (leading stocks are: Aviation Development Technology, AVIC XAC, Southern Bearing) Aviation Development Technology: leading large aircraft stocks, as shown in the second quarter of 2021. This is the end of the introduction about Hafei Co., Ltd. and Hafei Co., Ltd. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Hafei Stock Bar ➺Hafei Co., Ltd.


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